Online Grief Support

Grace Within Grief

Honouring and expressing our love and grief doesn’t take away the pain. But, it can empower us and help us to cope. It can give us something meaningful to do when we are feeling helpless. Over time, more and more, we may come to recognize and embrace the love and connection that survives death, and feel, hear and see grace and beauty alongside the sadness and pain.

Through several online platforms, I will be sharing inspiration and resources for empowered remembrance from myself and others, get us talking about coping tips and strategies, and sharing stories of hope. I will also be offering some online secular ceremonies of remembrance we can participate in together.

To support you in your grief, I created the Grace Within Grief Facebook Page and the Grace Within Grief Community Facebook Group, in March 2020. I also have an email list through which I will send inspiration to help you cope with your grief and practice remembrance. You’ll also receive invitations to our transformative ceremonies, workshops and other events.  

This is not a replacement for professional grief counselling or therapy. Rather, it is enriched peer support among those who can relate.

May we all find love and grace within our grief. 

Photo credits: Head Shot by Photography by SSV * Background Photo is a detail of a photo by Janus Clemmensen.