Prenatal and Infant Loss

So often when a baby dies before birth, there is no funeral or memorial and parents face the devastating loss of all their hopes and dreams for their baby without any formal acknowledgement through ceremony.

The loss of a baby in any trimester, through stillbirth, or in the early days or months of life is devastating and difficult to come to terms with. Shock, numbness, disbelief, anger, guilt, fear and sadness are all normal emotions. Friends and family may not understand how to best support you.

300x200_ForgetMeNotsA beautiful memorial, with parents and siblings only, or with extended family and friends can provide the time and space to express love and grief for your baby, and acknowledge their brief but significant presence as part of the family and community.

It can be very simple and private, or more elaborate, depending on your needs and wishes. Ceremonies can take place immediately after the loss or at a later dateā€”even the one-year anniversary. I can help create a loving tribute that honours the place your baby will always have in your heart.

Photos courtesy of Holly Wilson