I provide coaching and support to people at various stages on their grief journey to help them move through the emotions, develop coping strategies and re-engage with life at their own pace. If you have hope, however faint, that things can get better, you are in the right place and I can help.

“In our first conversation, Laura helped me to see how the loss of my father when I was a child is profoundly affecting the way I am grieving for my mother now. I had more insights from my first two conversations with Laura than I had from several sessions with a traditional counsellor. She gave me suggestions on how I could create a safe space for myself to fully grieve, overcome my fears, and move forward, beginning with the first step of writing about my beautiful memories of my Mom at the end of her life.” – A.A.
  • Talk about your loss and your emotions with someone who will really listen with warmth, compassion and empathy.
  • Although you may feel “messed up,” “crazy,” or that there must be something wrong with you, know that what you are feeling and thinking is all a normal part of grieving.
  • Engage with your feelings in healthy ways to gradually ease the intensity.
  • Have practical strategies to care for yourself and your family.
  • Support your body’s journey through grief so you can stay healthier and rebuild your energy.
  • Cope with unexpected triggers and rebound when others say and do things that hurt.
  • Take care of unfinished business (regrets, guilt, anger) so you have more energy to heal.
  • Continue to be in relationship with your loved one every day.
  • When you are ready to begin to create your future: get clear on your goals, whether big or small, and get the next steps to take on your journey.

My passion for walking the path with those who have had a significant loss is fueled by my experiences of losing my 20-year-old sister, my father, and a young friend (all to cancer), a friend to suicide, as well as watching my mother disappear into herself with Alzheimer’s disease. In a society where grief is misunderstood, avoided and judged, I offer an oasis of safety and compassion and hope.

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