Milestone Birthdays and Retirement

Whether you’re turning 20, 40, 65 or 100, a milestone birthday is a time for reflection, gratitude and celebration. Often that takes the form of a party and a cake flaming with candles, but it can be even more fun and profound with the addition of ceremonial elements. Acknowledgement of significant life events and achievements, tributes and toasts by friends and family, “awards,” games, readings, rituals, storytelling and activities inspired by the honouree’s pastimes can all be a part of the event.

300x200_cakeRetirement is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, thank those who helped you along the way, and also to acknowledge the changes that retirement will bring. Stories, memories, gifts of thanks, rituals of release and dreams for the future are just some of the elements that can be woven into a ceremony based on what is important to you.