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Laura Higgins… so many amazing things can be said about her. I wasn’t sure what to expect when picking an officiant… it was my first time and I didn’t know the process. Well she went above and beyond what I thought an officiant does. She guided us from day 1 on how we were going to plan our ceremony. She allowed us to incorporate everything we wanted to say to each other and even did a special “family tree” ritual to bring both families together ( we are a blended family.) She gave us plenty of ideas and options to choose from which made the stress go away for us in the planning. She was continually in contact with us to make sure things were going the way we wanted and she was very organized and thorough when it came to our draft ceremony. Laura was so well prepared and organized that we didn’t even feel we needed a rehearsal ( which is shocking With having 4 children in the ceremony…. but it was perfect the day of .) She guided me and reassured me on the day of the ceremony , and even quickly ran through the instructions ( I was so nervous I forgot what I was supposed to do,) but Laura made me feel much better the day of. She has an amazing way with words and will write you your perfect individualized ceremony. She is very well spoken and made everything sound amazing and flow the day of. If it wasn’t for Laura and her guidance I would’ve been lost in the process. She even sent us a special card to congratulate us after the ceremony which was a very special added touch portraying the kind hearted person she is. Thank you for everything, it’s exactly what we were looking for!

– Michelle and David

Laura was such a pleasure to work with during the entire ceremony decision making/crafting process. She was recommended to us by our photographer, who actually had Laura officiate her own wedding ceremony a few years prior!

Even through all my indecision (of which there was plenty), Laura was there to help guide us along. We ended up having a fully custom ceremony written by her, with input from us based on some questionnaires we answered. Laura created an initial draft for us, and we had the ability to make edits as we saw fit.

She has a wonderful personality and her writing is phenomenal. Laura really captured the essence of us and our relationship. She even did her own research into some of our interests (video game related) and incorporated them into our ceremony in a subtle way that we could enjoy without it be too overt!

Her delivery of the ceremony was also perfect. You can totally see and feel her kindness and sincerity in everything she does. Any communication we had with her was met with incredibly timely responses that were very thoughtful and helpful. She also helped us with some of the logistics, e.g. connecting with our vendors as necessary.

We would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone who wants a personal, custom ceremony for their wedding. Thank you so much Laura – we’re so grateful for your work!

– Dana

My husband and I got married about a month ago, and without a doubt, Laura’s ceremony was the highlight of our wedding. At least 15 people came up to us immediately after and told us it was the most beautiful and personal ceremony they had ever seen, and more have said the same since. Working with Laura was wonderful from the start – she is exceptionally organized, prepared with helpful guides and templates, and walked us through every step. Using information she gleaned from us, she curated a beautiful, personal, meaningful, just-for-us ceremony that we will remember for the rest of our lives. I can’t stress it enough – she is truly wonderful at what she does, and she was the best decision we made in our wedding planning process! If you are looking for a “cheap” officiant, remember that you get what you pay for – Laura’s service is truly unbeatable and worth every penny.

– Angela

Laura is fantastic! Laura was so organized, helpful and kind. She crafted beautiful words for our wedding day and was on top of everything. She is a true perfectionist and we really appreciated how much she truly cares for her clients. I will continue to recommend Laura to family and friends with upcoming weddings.

– Rebecca

Laura performed the perfect ceremony for us. She is professional, fun and so accommodating. Many of our guests commented on how personal and touching the ceremony was. She is terrific.

– Andrew

Laura was so fantastic! We met a few times prior to the wedding and communicated often to make sure everything was perfect (as perfect as it could be). Her words were so beautiful and heartfelt throughout the ceremony. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect ceremony than the one Laura gave us. All our guest came up to us and commented on how genuine and personal the ceremony was. We highly recommend Laura Higgins. She is so well organized, professional, a beautiful writer and eloquent speaker.

– Tara Mae

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I could go on and on about how amazing Laura is at at what she does. From the day we met her, to the day of our wedding, it was obvious that she was working tirelessly to create the most perfect ceremony for Ryan and I.

It was really important to us to have a ceremony different than most weddings. We had several family members to involve, a detailed love story we wanted to share with our guests, and we wanted to laugh and enjoy every moment of our wedding – seemingly a lot of boxes to check for an officiant! However, Laura fulfilled all of what we wanted in a ceremony, and crafted every part of it by truly listening to us and getting to know us.

I don’t have the words to explain how grateful I am to you, Laura. You absolutely made our ceremony the most special moment of our lives. Your professionalism, organization, creativity, and tips on how not to bawl my eyes our (and it worked!) are just a few reasons that you are so amazing at what you do.

We had so many guests come up to us and say that it was the best ceremony they have ever been to, and some of our guests have been around a long, long time and have seen many weddings. We also had other vendors come up to us and say how impressed they were by you.

Choosing you to meet with that day a long time ago now was the best choice we could ever have made.

We are so grateful to you.

Love Ryan and Melissa

We got married literally 6 days ago and I couldn’t wait to recommend Laura! We wanted our ceremony to be more of a celebration of our family becoming married, as we already have two young children together. At this point in our lives, it’s not just about us, but about all of us as a family going through life together. I had an idea, but no idea how to make this happen. Well, Laura knew EXACTLY what to do to create this! Our ceremony even included vows to our kids! it was perfect! Laura was so easy to talk to and she gave excellent ideas and suggestions. She was professional and kind and everything you could ask for in an officiant. DO not hesitate to hire her. You will not be disappointed!

– Amy Jamieson

Laura was fabulous from our first call. We admittedly left finding an officiant, or even figuring out the basics of our ceremony, until about 6 weeks before our wedding. Admittedly, sitting down to write the ceremony and vows was task both of us were a tad intimidated by and definitely procrastinating about. Thank goodness Laura made all of it so easy! She was organized, prepared and thoughtful throughout – helping walk us through each step to craft a very meaningful and personal ceremony. Laura took the time to learn about each of us, and our story, then wove this beautifully into her words. We were thrilled with the outcome and had so many complements on the ceremony from our guests! Would 10/10 recommend.

– Kaitlin B.

HI Laura,
Just want to thank you so much for all the amazing work you put into creating our wedding ceremony! We received many compliments from our guests – actually it seemed like every guest commented on how wonderful the ceremony was! It really made our wedding truly special for us.

We very much appreciated all the time, effort and dedication you put in. The wedding ceremony was everything we hoped for and more. We will always have wonderful memories of the day. Thanks very much again!

– A & J

Hi Laura,
We would like to thank you for doing a wonderful job as the officiant at our wedding. Your level of connection, caring, and attention to detail helped to make our ceremony extra special. The customization and personalization that your ceremony allowed for made the ceremony unique to us, and different from all the others. A lot of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony, and how they liked that it helped to include them and make them feel a part of it all rather than just simple observers. They felt more connected to us as their family or friends. We really enjoyed having you and would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to make their day that much more special.

– J & R

We had the pleasure of having Laura as our officiant last month for our wedding. She was absolutely incredible and made our whole experience such a positive one! Everything she did for us she put so much thought and effort into, and we are so thankful for all her advice and suggestions. She is very considerate and made sure that we were happy with absolutely  everything. We are so glad we chose her to be there on our special day, our wedding definitely wouldn’t be the same without her. Thank you Laura for making our wedding so memorable!

– Vanesa & Christian

This couple met through rock climbing! Frances Beatty Photography

We are so happy that we went with Laura as out officiant. We didn’t want a cookie-cutter ceremony and that’s one of the main reasons we chose Laura. So many friends and family told us that they have never experienced such a personal ceremony, and that they loved our unity ceremony. 

Laura was great to work with! She gave us everything that we needed including advice we didn’t know that we needed. Her responses are very fast and if we needed anything she was more than willing to help us. It’s so reassuring to know that your vendor has your back. 

I would definitely recommend Laura to someone who wants a highly personal ceremony.

– Monika

Our ceremony was the highlight of our weekend thanks to all the hard work Laura put into it. We did a completely custom ceremony. Laura sent us very thorough questionnaires for us to fill out about each other and our relationship. Some of the parts were kept secret from the other until the ceremony, so we were just as surprised (in a very good way) as our guests by how moving and lovely the ceremony was!! It was the perfect balance of touching, romantic, and funny. I loved every second of it.

I had multiple guests come up to us afterwards and tell us that it was the most unique and beautiful ceremony they had ever seen, and I 100% agree. It was evident how much work went into the ceremony, and we were absolutely thrilled with the result. Laura always replied to emails in a timely manner, and made the whole day, including rehearsal, run like a dream.

Thank you so much!!

– Kalyna

My husband and I are so happy that Laura was our officiant for our wedding. We loved having her as part of our experience and were truly honoured. There’s definitely a large group of officiants in the area but we chose Laura because she has such passion for what she does – it really shows. From the moment we first emailed to the first meeting, and then our wedding, she has shown us how kind, caring, and professional she is. We saw her attention to detail and was extremely pleased on how well her wedding service was executed. We are so grateful to know her and to have her perform our ceremony for us. She is a kind soul that really connects to the person she is helping. We had a few minor family and dog issues during the ceremony and she kept everything going very nicely. We didn’t feel the stress at all. We did sense one thing with Laura during that ceremony and that was how sincere and happy she was for us. When we did our vows and the ring exchange she looked so happy and moved by our words to one another that it made me feel like we were in front of a friend. Laura has a real connection to her clients, their families, and those unique moments. I highly recommend Laura and hope she continues to touch lives around her.

– Jennifer

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Laura was a vital part in making our wedding as beautiful as it was. She took the time to figure out exactly what we wanted for our ceremony, and how we wanted it. Laura is extremely organized, caring, patient and professional. We can tell she really loves her job and she’s super good at it too! She took time to learn about us and our love – in turn, wrote a beautiful ceremony script that incorporated everything we wanted and more. We loved all the personalization that we had to the ceremony – her words definitely brought tears to many of our eyes! We can’t thank her enough!

– Fiona

We give Laura the highest possible recommendation. She was professional, incredibly organized, and her writing is spectacular. Everyone has told us since how special and unique our ceremony was. It truly was the highlight of our day, and we are grateful to Laura for making it happen!

– Stacie

Laura was amazing! She created a beautiful ceremony that showed our love for one another. She incorporated the things that we love to do together and the things that we most love about each other. Laura really takes the time to know you. She is a beautiful writer and a very genuine person. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for something non traditional and more personable!

– Natasha

We want to thank Laura for helping to make our wedding so special and personal. My son and his family were only going to be here for a short visit and because we wanted all our children and grandchildren at our wedding we only had a limited time to plan it. Laura made the whole process easy and stress free. She was very professional, supportive and guided us through everything always answering our questions patiently and in a very knowledgeable way.

Laura personalized our ceremony to exactly the way we wanted making suggestions and any changes we requested. She came an hour early to help make sure everyone knew what to do.The whole experience from when we first met Laura to the ceremony was one of the most wonderful experiences we have had. Thank you Laura, you were absolutely the best

– Kathy and Garry

Laura was our celebrant at our wedding, and we, as well as our guests, cannot say enough about how amazing the ceremony was. Laura captured our feelings and the theme of the day through her words so beautifully. Leading up to our wedding, Laura was organized, efficient and detailed, working with our others vendors to ensure that our ceremony ran smoothly which was a huge weight off of our shoulders. Thank you Laura!

– Kristina

I married my amazing husband this fall and the most amazing part of the whole day was the unique and detailed ceremony Laura put together for us! When people left that’s all they could talk about was how our wedding was so personal and “so us”!
Laura gets to know you and makes every moment magical!!
Laura you really started our happily ever after like a fairy tale.
Laura is like no one else out there but the best way to describe her services…. ELEGANT AND UNIQUE!

Thank you Laura for making our day so special. With your amazing personality and your support you made both my self and my husband so comfortable. You are the sweetest woman and your professionalism goes beyond 100. Thank you from Mike and I. Much love xoxox

– Yari

Thank you so much Laura for personalizing our ceremony and making our wedding day extraordinarily special! And, although everyone looks back on their wedding day as the beginning of their marriage, we will always carry your words and warmth with us throughout our marriage. We were truly blessed to have you as officiant of our wedding.

With gratitude, Tiz and Chris

Laura helped us to have exactly the wedding ceremony we wanted — authentic, intimate, and with the least possible amount of stress. Throughout the whole process, Laura was knowledgeable, supportive, organized and professional. She helped us to figure out what we wanted and customized a ceremony that was really about us. Several friends and relatives remarked how the ceremony reflected our personalities perfectly, how intimate it was, and that they felt they knew us better after it. We found the ceremony rehearsal very helpful, and Laura also coordinated with participants in the ceremony who could not be at the rehearsal to make sure that everybody knew exactly what they would be doing. On our wedding day, Laura was well received by friends and relatives, and her delivery of the ceremony drew laughter and tears in all the right places. We were so comfortable with everything from the “stage instructions” to the vows that we could just be present in the moment and enjoy the experience. The custom ceremony was a small portion of our wedding costs, but it was the most important part of our wedding day and is what we will remember in years to come.

– D & H

My wife and I consider it one of the great blessings of our wedding to have had Laura Higgins as our celebrant/officiant. With her guidance, we were able to design and carry out a ceremony more beautiful than either of us ever imagined. From our very first meeting with her till the time of our wedding, Laura conducted herself with assured professionalism, confidence, class and a wonderfully open mind. She also showed a genuine appreciation for the tender intricacies of the heart, for the element of romance. We wanted a ceremony that would give some context to who we are individually and who we are as a couple, one that would convey the depths of our love for one another. We wanted, above all, a ceremony rich with feeling, and thanks to Laura, we had that to our hearts’ content.

At the same time, we felt a great peace of mind, knowing that she was always on top of the essential legalities of the marriage process, making sure we were equipped with all the necessary paperwork and no shortage of helpful materials. She is remarkably thorough. Laura was also very accommodating with her time, consistently available by phone or email. She has a warm, compassionate and fun-loving manner, and it was always a pleasure to interact with her.

Following our ceremony, there was no shortage of direct praise for Laura from our guests, so many of whom were moved to tears. My uncle told me, as he shook my hand, how impressed he was with Laura and that he wanted to have her as his own officiant when he and my aunt renew their vows. My wife and I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. She has our everlasting appreciation and thanks.

– Riel

Laura was a pleasure to work with! She was professional, responsive, warm & conducted a wonderful ceremony that suited us perfectly. All of our guests commented on what a lovely, personalized ceremony it was. I highly recommend working with Laura for your wedding!

– Michelle

Laura went above and beyond in many different instances. I would highly recommend her for your wedding. She exceeded all of our expectations and was a treat to deal with. Even after two weeks, we are still getting compliments on our ceremony.

– Kyle

Laura was absolutely amazing! From start to finish Laura was professional and so easy to work with. She listened to our needs and wants to create an unforgettable ceremony. She even looked at our vows and compared them to each other to make sure we were in the same page. She went above and beyond her duties. We would recommend her to anyone 🙂

– Cassie

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Laura was absolutely spectacular. She was so thorough and thoughtful with her work, and very responsive to our wants and questions. Our ceremony was so personal and countless guests said “that was the best ceremony I’ve ever seen!” It was truly the highlight of our day and set the stage for an awesome celebration with the guests that witnessed our marriage. I am so grateful that Laura shared our love story. She is worth every penny and more!

– Liana

Laura was even more than we could have hoped for in an officiant. We wanted someone who would guide us through creating a simple, yet thoughtful ceremony, and she did just that. The way she laid out the different options to construct the script just how we wanted was extremely helpful. And Laura’s writing is excellent, making it easy to choose passages you like. We loved Laura’s opening remarks and have received several comments from our guests about how unique and perfect they were.

Laura’s attention to detail is incredible. During the planning process, she was so helpful in keeping us organized. I’m not sure what we would have done without her. In the days ahead of the wedding, she even contacted all of our vendors to make sure everyone was on the same page.

We had a big crowd at our rehearsal dinner, but Laura took control and made sure everyone knew exactly what they needed to do. As for the ceremony, it couldn’t have gone better. She spoke flawlessly, and everything went off without a hitch thanks to all of her preparation and hard work.

We strongly recommend Laura. You won’t find better value.

– Matthew

Laura crafted and conducted a ceremony that suited us perfectly. It was everything we wanted our wedding to be: light-hearted but serious when it needed to be, intimate yet inclusive, and above all – fun. She was thorough, organised and responsive, making sure nothing was overlooked, that contingency plans were in place and that everything was very easy for us. We both enthusiastically recommend Laura!

– Quentin

Photo by Carolyn MacAskill

Laura is absolutely worth her weight in gold and our guests were actually telling us afterwards that ours was the best wedding ceremony they have ever been too. Laura worked incredibly hard to get to know Matt and myself well and tailored our ceremony so that it was a customized reflection of us which it was. She was super responsive, quick to offer advice and supremely well organized which was also appreciated.

– Jennifer M.

We could not have asked for a more wonderful person to officiate our wedding in August. Right off the bat, Laura was responsive, professional, warm and incredibly thorough. She met with us to discuss our vision for our marriage and invested an incredibly huge amount of time and effort to curate a perfect ceremony. For both of us, the ceremony was the highlight of our wedding day and we have Laura to thank for this. Each and every single guest commented on what an enjoyable and unique ceremony it was. Thank you for all your effort and kindness, Laura.

– Andrea and Tom

I am an Event Coordinator for Cardinal Golf Club and RedCrest and I had the pleasure to work alongside Laura Higgins for the ceremony rehearsal and the wedding day ceremony.

She had the wedding party organized, and went through the ceremony rehearsal flawlessly. She went through each key parts of the ceremony without giving away too much, so that it was still special for the real ceremony. By doing this she had the wedding party at ease and feeling confident for the real thing.

She had met with the bride and groom previously to hear their story and had written their ceremony based on this info. It was the most memorable and meaningful ceremony I had seen after 6 years of weddings that even I was in tears. If you are wanting your ceremony to be unique, personal, memorable then Laura is the officiant for you. There is no one else that compares.

– Alison Dias

Working with Laura was an absolute pleasure. My now husband and I had no idea what to expect for our wedding, what the vows would be like or what we would want to say. Laura helped us every step of the way, from asking us in-depth questions, creating a first draft and a second and a third and so on until our ceremony was absolutely perfect for us as a couple. She was able to incorporate our humor, our stories and our passion for each other into the perfect wedding ceremony. I would recommend Laura time and time again for anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing or knows exactly what they want. If it wasn’t for Laura and everything she helped us with I don’t think our wedding would have been as great as it was. Not only will she make sure your vows are perfect but she was able to help us on a personal level and really calm us down when times got tough. She was able to bring up things we didn’t even think about for the wedding day and even gave me tips on how not to cry the entire time 🙂 I hope everyone who works with Laura has as great of a time as we did!

– Nicole and Scott

Our ceremony was held on Oct 8 of this year. Laura, from Portrait Ceremonies, was absolutely amazing. We got in touch with her about 5 months before the wedding, and she responded promptly. She was very kind, talking to us about what we wanted, and put together a personalized ceremony for us. Her ceremony was beautiful, and she even helped us work our dog Stella into the ceremony. She was great during the rehearsal and the ceremony. She got everyone into position and made sure everyone knew what they were doing and saying. She really helped reassure us before and during the ceremony.

We felt we were in great hands with her. She cares so much for her clients, and you can see how rewarding the experience is for her. We highly recommend her to anyone planning their wedding. Thank you SO much Laura!

– Michael and Alexandra

Laura was exceptional; she was concise and so detail-oriented, friendly yet directing, so positive, and made a love story for us that was catered to us. She really did make our day perfect and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Laura 🙂

– Nicholas and Keith

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Laura is simply amazing. She did a wonderful job with writing our wedding ceremony script, personalizing it to our wants and needs. Whenever I had questions, she was always there to answer and help. I don’t know what I would have done without Laura. She guided us through the ceremony and made it effortless. She is one of the most friendly and kindest people I have ever met. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

– Alyssa

Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She ensured that every detail was exactly what we wanted and had many excellent suggestions to make sure the ceremony was perfect.  We felt very comfortable working with her and would gladly recommend Laura as an officiant!! Thank you again!!

– Dana and Lesley

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We had the pleasure of having Laura officiate our wedding in August. From our first phone call, Laura was very professional and kind. She was open minded to our requests and created a beautiful custom ceremony just for us. She was always very quick to respond by e-mail or phone. Her scripts were well written and she has incredible attention to detail, I was very confident in her and she did not disappoint. Thank you Laura, what you do is a true talent and you made our day that much more special. We would absolutely recommend your services.

– The Cartwright’s

I have to thank you so much. Everybody loved the ceremony. We are still talking about it. I’m so glad that you were a part of our beautiful day. I couldn’t ask for a better ceremony.


Photo by Elizabeth Renta of Elizabeth & Claudia Photography

Thank you so much for being ‘the voice’ of our wedding ceremony. We are so grateful for all your time and effort put into making our day personal and special. We had many comments that it was the best ceremony people had ever attended. I would have to agree! We laughed, we cried, and we got married…it was a successful day!

– Heather and Kevin

It was such a pleasure to have Laura officiate our wedding. She was very helpful and thorough while we created a special ceremony that was personalized just for us. The ceremony was beautiful and everything went perfectly. Thank you so much Laura!

– Caitlin and Adam